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G ra duat e Wom e n i n Sc i e n c e

GWIS Elections

Officer Responsibilities



Officer position descriptions are being updated for the 2021-2022 term along with new institution-wide positions (university reps!)


  • Calls for both officer and general meetings, and sets agendas for each meeting.

  • Is a member of any and all committees.

  • Acts as an alternate signing authority.

  • Attends Grand Chapter meetings and sends in the annual Philadelphia Chapter report.


  • Acts in the absence of the President, assuming all duties and obligations.

  • Acts as the local liaison between the Philadelphia Chapter and other groups/organizations within Philadelphia that support women in science.

  • Performs any other duties requested by the President.


  • Takes minutes of both officer and general meetings.

  • Acts as the liaison between officers and general members within the Philadelphia Chapter. This includes sending and responding to emails from current and new members.

  • Maintains the Philadelphia Chapter's listserv.


  • Keeps a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, both electronically and physically. This account must be provided at each annual business meeting and upon request.

  • Is authorized to withdraw money for payment of finances incurred by the Philadelphia Chapter.

  • Receives dues from new Philadelphia Chapter members and submits dues to Grand Chapter. 

Public Relations

  • Maintains and regularly updates the Philadelphia Chapter's social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Makes event flyers in coordination with the Webmaster.

  • Sends out event flyers to relevant parties (such as the Secretary) in a timely manner.

National Liaison

  • Works for effective participation of the Philadelphia Chapter with the Grand Chapter.

  • Acts as the Philadelphia Chapter's consultant on the National Constitution and bylaws.

  • Attend the Grand Chapter meetings and assist the President in obtaining Chapter delegates.

  • Submits regular Chapter updates to the Grand Chapter. 


  • Regularly maintains and updates the Philadelphia Chapter website.

  • Makes event flyers in coordination with the Public Relations officer. 

  • Assists any other officers with any extraneous duties. 

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