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G ra duat e Wom e n i n Sc i e n c e

GWIS National Fellowships Program

Since 1941, the GWIS National Fellowships Program seeks to increase knowledge in the sciences and to encourage and retain women in their pursuit of careers in science. 

The GWIS National Fellowships are awarded to women holding or seeking a degree from a recognized institution of higher education. These fellows are of outstanding ability with promising careers, who are performing hypothesis-driven research in the U.S. or abroad. 

Since 2008, approximately $500,000+ in fellowships have been awarded to aspiring women scientists. 


Patricia Silveyra, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Penn State College of Medicine

2012 Adele Lewis Grant Fellowship

"The Adele Lewis Grant Fellowship was my first independent award, and a very important step in my career. As an international postdoc, I had limited opportunities to apply for funding, but GWIS provided me with the tools necessary to obtain preliminary data, and the confidence and reputation to begin establishing myself. Today, only four years later, I lead a research group in my own laboratory space, I mentor students and postdocs, and I am funded by the NIH. My GWIS fellowship was the first step of many, but one of the most critical ones in my success as a researcher."

Allison Shultz, Ph.D.

Curator of Ornithology, Natural History Museum of L.A.

2015 Nell I. Mondy Fellowship

"The Nell Mondy Fellowship allowed me to use cutting-edge genetic tools for my dissertation research when all other available options were not sufficient for a non-model organism. Publishing this high-impact research has opened doors and helped me to pursue a career path that likely would not have been available otherwise."


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