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G ra duat e Wom e n i n Sc i e n c e

GWIS History

Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) was founded 1921 by Adele Lewis Grant at Cornell University. At the time, there were limited opportunities as a female graduate student to socialize and exchange ideas that would ultimately contribute to a successful scientific career. The result: 12 isolated women from various scientific departments who gathered and outlined an organization of women scientists known today as GWIS. 

GWIS represents one of the first organizations dedicated to advancing the careers of women in science. 





We carry on this legacy today by: 

(1) hosting networking events to connect women working in STEM;

(2) offering fellowships to enable scientific research; and

(3) providing leadership opportunities to develop skills employers will value. 


Currently: 35 Chapters within the U.S. plus an International Chapter. 

Meaning the GWIS network is built to stay regardless of location or the career path.

To find out more: visit or email us!

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